20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks


  20 Unusual and 

Creative DIY Clocks

Why don’t you create your old, boring clock to seem just like the best piece of art. Here are some cool ideas of the way to make interesting clocks. Hurry up the clock is ticking... 

1. Make a clock out of your family pictures.

          20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks                                        https://www.adasinteriordesign.com/

2. All you need is wooden sticks.

4. Very unusual clock made out of ties.

5. Cool 3D clock.


6. Reuse the old cans and turn them into a clock.

7. Little, cute picture frames can make your wall look amazing.

8. You can sеw old vintage buttons and make a clock.

9. Very interesting clock made out of wheel.

10. Roll playing cubes and guess the time.

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks

11. Make artistic clock with glued draws.

12. Eco friendly silhouette clock.

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks

13. Paint old, wooden board and make it look interesting. 

14. Adorable crocheted clock.20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks

15. This is interesting idea for your kitchen.

16. If you are a sneakers lover this is the clock for you.

20 Unusual and Creative DIY Clocks

17. You can always use your old books to do something creative.

18. Use your favorite old tea cups to make a lovely clock.

19. Simple but cute idea, plastic bowls turned into a clock.

20. You can decorate your old clock with toilet paper rolls.


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